4K UHD TVs reviews

Samsung Q80RSamsung Q80R Review (2019 4K UHD LCD TV)

If you are looking for a new TV that has great performance but you are worried about your budget then take a look at our Samsung Q80R review in which we test the second in line model in 2019’s QLED series that offers excellent value.


Samsung Q90RSamsung Q90R Review (2019 4K UHD LCD TV)

If you are on the lookout for a top tier TV then check our Samsung Q90R review in which we test Samsung’s new 2019 flagship that offers amazing 4K image quality with HDR and a huge array of apps, services and smart features.


Sony X950G / XG95Sony X950G Review (X950G/XG95 – 2019 4K UHD LCD TV)

Today’s Sony X950G review focus on Sony’s 2019 LCD flagship that offers great image performance, excellent motion, low input lag and many features and services. But is it enough to be a worthy successor? Read on to find out.


Sony A9F / AF9 Master SeriesSony A9F Review (2018 4K UHD OLED TV – Master Series)

In our today’s Sony A9F review we test this new OLED TV that has amazing image quality, good motion performance and an improved smart TV Android platform. But is it enough of an upgrade over last year’s model? Read on to find out.


Sony Z9F / ZF9Sony Z9F Review (2018 4K UHD LCD TV – Master Series)

In this article we give you our Sony Z9F review as we test the successor of the famous Z9D TV offering amazing brightness, sharp image, great motion and good price. But is it enough to make it a worthy upgrade? Read on to find out.


LG E8 OLEDLG E8 Review (2018 4K UHD OLED TV)

In our LG E8 review we test another OLED TV that offers breathtaking image quality with nice HDR, amazing black levels, a wealth of online features and apps as well as a spectacular smart TV platform. If budget is of no concern the E8 is definitely worth considering.


LG SK9000 / SK8500LG SK9000 Review (2018 4K SUPER UHD TV)

Our LG SK9000 review is up in which we put this excellent TV to the test. Having great 4K quality, amazing HDR, good motion performance and a wealth of online and smart control features this TV offers a great alternative to OLED.


Samsung Q8FN / Q8DNSamsung Q8FN Review (2018 4K UHD QLED TV)

In our Samsung Q8FN review we see how this TV offers great image quality with amazing HDR, good motion performance and a huge set of features using Samsung’s Tizen platform making it a worthy member of the QLED series.


Samsung The FrameSamsung The Frame TV Review (2018 4K UHD TV)

This is our Samsung The Frame TV review where we test this unique TV that gives more priority to it’s design, artistic style and features rather than it’s image performance. Are all these worth the price of admission? Read on to find out.



In our LG C8 OLED review we see why this model offers breathtaking image quality, spectacular HDR, low input lag and a lot of features with a price that is more affordable than ever, making it one of the best TVs overall for 2018.


Samsung Q6FN (2018)Samsung Q6FN Review (2018 4K UHD QLED TV)

Check out our Samsung Q6FN review as we test the most affordable of the 2018 QLED series model that offers good overall image quality, great motion performance and low input lag as well as a lot of streaming and smart home apps.


Sony X900F - XF90Sony X900F Review (XBR65X900F – 2018 4K UHD LCD TV)

Take a look at our Sony X900F review as we test this 2018 TV model offering great image quality, dazzling HDR and excellent motion performance, improving on all aspects of last year’s model.



In our LG OLED55C7P review we test one of the best TVs of 2017 with amazing pure black levels, incredible HDR and lifelike colors all packed in a slick and modern design with a price that will be hard to pass.


LG 65SK8000LG SK8000 Review (2018 4K SUPER UHD TV)

In our LG SK8000 review we see why this TV offers a good overall viewing experience with average image quality, low input lag and good motion handling and can cover all your basic needs at a normal price.


SAMSUNG Q7F 2018Samsung Q7F Review (2018 4K UHD QLED TV)

Check out our Samsung Q7F review to find out how this TV offers amazing image quality and HDR, deep blacks and great motion at a very competitive price. Premium has just become affordable.


SAMSUNG MU7000Samsung MU7000 Review (4K UHD TV)

In our Samsung MU7000 review we check why this TV offers some good 4K HDR viewing with decent brightness and solid black levels without the need to spend a huge amount of money.



If you want one of the best overall LCD TVs for 2018 then check our Samsung Q9FN review to find out why this 4K UHD QLED TV offers some of the most breathtaking HDR you can find on a TV to date.


SAMSUNG UN55MU8000Samsung MU8000 Review (4K Premium UHD TV)

If you want a 4K TV with HDR that can offer good image performance but your budget does not allow to jump on the premium lineup then the Samsung MU8000 is your best bet.


Sony A8FSony A8F Review (4K UHD OLED TV)

Sony’s A8F breathtaking image quality makes it one of the best TVs for 2018 and will definitely satisfy even the most demanding viewers. 4K UHD and HDR never looked any better.


LG OLED55B7V Review (4K UHD TV with HDR)

If you want to have the best viewing experience this OLED TV from LG is for you. Spectacular colors, breath taking HDR and the purest blacks you could ever see on a TV. Are you ready to be immersed?


LG 55UJ6300 4K UHD TV Review

You want to taste the new UHD format and HDR but you are tight on budget for a new TV? Then look no further as the UJ6300 offers you 4K viewing with HDR at an affordable price.