Sony TVs for 2020Sony TVs for 2020

In our new Sony TVs for 2020 consumer guide you can take a look at all the new TVs Sony has on offer for 2020 including the new improved OLEDs, the updated 8K LCD Z8H along with the rest of the 4K sets.



LG TVs for 2020LG TVs for 2020

In our LG TVs for 2020 consumer guide we provide you with all new TV releases from LG including their most important specs and comparison tables for easily distinguishing the differences between them.



Samsung TVs for 2020Samsung TVs for 2020

In this article you will find all Samsung TVs for 2020 with detailed information and specifications across their 8K QLED, 4K QLED and 4K Crystal UHD models along with information about their Lifestyle series.



Sony TVs for 2019 GuideSony TVs for 2019

Sony TVs for 2019 are here and as such we provide you with our comprehensive guide of all Sony’s models for this year that include 4K OLEDs, 8K and 4K LED LCDs as well as a single 1080p with detailed specs and comparison tables.



LG TVs for 2019LG TVs for 2019

In our LG TVs for 2019 guide you can check all TV models that LG will release during this year while we give you their basic specs and analyze their differences. From the top OLEDs to the lowest LCD TVs there is something for everyone.



Samsung TVs for 2019Samsung TVs for 2019

Take a look at our Samsung TVs for 2019 guide for a comprehensive look of all the new QLED and Premium UHD models from the Korean manufacturer complete with specifications and model numbers for each market.



LED vs LCDLED vs LCD TV : Difference Explained

LED vs LCD TV. A question we hear a lot so in this article we try to distinguish the differences and present a brief analysis of the available technologies today as well as upcoming ones.




Yamaha AventageYamaha AVENTAGE Receivers RX-A 80 Series (2018)

Today we present you the latest Yamaha Aventage receivers that are included in the RX-A 80 series offering 6 premium models, enough for all tastes, setups and home theater rooms. Aventage is synonymous to quality.



IMAX Enhanced certificationIMAX Enhanced Certification announced

IMAX and DTS have partnered to announce the IMAX Enhanced Certification which will bring IMAX Enhanced products to the market that will produce unparalleled image and audio quality with exclusive digitally remastered IMAX content and DTS sound.



LG TVs for 2018LG TVs for 2018

In this article we present all LG TVs for 2018 and analyze the differences between them. From the top of the line OLED models, all the way down to the lowest Full HD LK5400 you will find everything you need and more.



Samsung TVs for 2018Samsung TVs for 2018

In this article we present all Samsung TVs for 2018 and analyze the differences between them. From the top of the line 4K UHD Q9FN, all the way down to the lowest Full HD J5000 you will find everything you need and more.



Sony TVs for 2018Sony TVs for 2018

For 2018 Sony offers us a wide range of TV models from the top tier 4K UHD OLED ones to the bottom tier Full HD LCD ones in order to satisfy all needs. Step inside to take a look as there is definitely something for your tastes…



What is 4K UHDWhat is 4K UHD

What is 4K UHD? Learn everything you need about the 4K UHD format and all of it’s technologies. Are you ready to enter the next generation of home entertainment?





Dolby Atmos speaker placement

Find out all you need to know about the new speaker setups that are needed for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X systems. How to place the extra speakers and alternative solutions.


What HDMI to buyWhat HDMI cable to buy (2021 updated)

You want to build your new audio system and you don’t know what cables to buy? Are you lost from all the different versions and you don’t know what is best for you? Afraid not, as we analyze all HDMI cable versions and give you a clear idea of what you need.



Physical media versus streamingPhysical media vs streaming

Physical media vs streaming. Internet has entered our lives for good and has changed everything. But physical media has not given up yet. Do you prefer the simplicity of streaming or do you want the best quality possible?