Onkyo TX-NR686Onkyo TX-NR686 Review (7.2 CH 4K THX Receiver)

Today we give you our Onkyo TX-NR686 review with this mid-range AV receiver having good overall performance, nice features, a good number of ports and the THX stamp that ensures the best quality possible in this category.


Dali Opticon 6Dali Opticon 6 Review (Dual 6.5″ Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

Read our Dali Opticon 6 review to find out why these excellent floorstanding speakers offer ample power and amazing performance making them ideal for any serious home theater or music media room.


Marantz NR1509Marantz NR1509 Review (5.2 4K UHD Receiver)

We present you our Marantz NR1509 review. Today we look into this slim AV receiver with good sound performance, lots of features and a very attractive price making it ideal for budget sensitive consumers with limited space.


LG SK9000 / SK8500LG SK9000 Review (2018 4K SUPER UHD TV)

Our LG SK9000 review is up in which we put this excellent TV to the test. Having great 4K quality, amazing HDR, good motion performance and a wealth of online and smart control features this TV offers a great alternative to OLED.


Dali Zensor 5 speakersDali Zensor 5 Review (Dual 5.25″ Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

Today we present you our Dali Zensor 5 review in which we test these amazing floorstanding speakers that offer great performance and with a good price making them ideal for small to medium sized home theater rooms.


Optoma UHD51AOptoma UHD51A Review (4K DLP Projector)

In our Optoma UHD51A review we test a 4K projector with very good image quality, nice HDR, good motion performance, a lot of features, Alexa and Google Home support and all these at a very low price. Projectors just became smart.


NEEO remoteNeeo Remote Review

Check out our Neeo remote review where we test this new smart remote that has a very stylish design and exceptional hardware that is capable of delivering amazing features. With it’s huge 3″ touchscreen you can now have all your remotes into a single device.


JBL BAR 5.1JBL Bar 5.1 Review (5.1 CH Soundbar)

In today’s JBL Bar 5.1 review we test this unique soundbar that can be used either as a 2.1 or a 5.1 surround system, has good movies performance, is easy to setup and calibrate as well as featuring a truly wireless design. Simplicity all in one.


BenQ HT8050 / W11000BenQ HT8050 Review (4K DLP Projector)

Check our BenQ HT8050 review in which we are testing this 4K DLP projector that offers amazing 4K image quality, unraveled sharpness for it’s category, excellent color fidelity and a great set of features making this THX projector a force not to be ignored.


Sonos PlaybarSonos Playbar Review (9 CH Soundbar)

In today’s Sonos Playbar review we are putting to the test this unique soundbar that combines amazing sound quality, easy connectivity and setup as well as amazing scalability from a single unit to a full surround system by connecting additional speakers.


Pioneer VSX-LX503Pioneer VSX-LX503 Review (9.2 CH 4K AV Receiver)

In our today’s Pioneer VSX-LX503 review we put this new AV receiver to the test that offers 9.2 channels, excellent audio performance of all next generation formats and a wide range of features, enough to make this model future proof.


Samsung Q8FN / Q8DNSamsung Q8FN Review (2018 4K UHD QLED TV)

In our Samsung Q8FN review we see how this TV offers great image quality with amazing HDR, good motion performance and a huge set of features using Samsung’s Tizen platform making it a worthy member of the QLED series.


LG SK8Y soundbarLG SK8Y Review (2.1 Dolby Atmos Sound Bar)

This is our LG SK8Y review where we test this new Dolby Atmos soundbar that offers enough power, clear sound reproduction, adequate connections, a rich feature set as well as a relatively low price to make it worth a look.


Viewsonic PX727-4KViewsonic PX727-4K Review (4K DLP Projector)

In our Viewsonic PX727-4K review we test the most affordable 4K projector in the market that offers great image quality, adequate HDR and excellent motion performance to make it the perfect entry-level 4K projector today.


Denon AVR-X3400HDenon AVR-X3400H Review (7.2 CH 4K UHD Receiver)

Check our Denon AVR-X3400H review for a in-depth look of this mid-priced AV receiver that offers 7.2 channels, good audio quality, enough ports and features at a very competitive price. An excellent choice for mid-level enthusiasts.


Zidoo X9SZidoo X9S Review (4K Android Media Hub)

In our Zidoo X9S review we test this amazing media player that offers great video and audio playback with 4K, HDR and 3D support, excellent connectivity, an enormous amount of features and excellent support. If you want a future proof, all around media hub look no further.


LG UBK80LG UBK80 Review (2018 4K UHD Player)

Check our LG UBK80 review as we test one of the most affordable 4K UHD players in the market today that offers crystal clear 4K image quality with great HDR and immersive audio playback at a price that has no competition.


LG UBK90LG UBK90 Review (2018 4K UHD Player)

Read our LG UBK90 review as we test this 2018 4K UHD player that offers great 4K video with HDR and Dolby Vision but also good audio performance, very easy setup and with a very attractive price. Dolby Vision cannot be more affordable than this.


LG HU80KALG HU80KA Review (4K DLP Projector)

In our LG HU80KA review we test this unique projector that offers extreme portability with great 4K HDR image quality and great wireless smart TV platform functions. At the price offered this projector cannot go unnoticed.


Samsung The FrameSamsung The Frame TV Review (2018 4K UHD TV)

This is our Samsung The Frame TV review where we test this unique TV that gives more priority to it’s design, artistic style and features rather than it’s image performance. Are all these worth the price of admission? Read on to find out.


JBL ARENA 180JBL ARENA 180 Review (2-way Dual 7″ Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

Check out our JBL ARENA 180 review where we test these front floorstanding speakers with powerful lows, good midrange and very detailed high frequencies making them ideal for mixed use and all this at a very tempting price.



In our LG C8 OLED review we see why this model offers breathtaking image quality, spectacular HDR, low input lag and a lot of features with a price that is more affordable than ever, making it one of the best TVs overall for 2018.


Yamaha YAS-207 Sound BarYamaha YAS-207 Review (7.1.4 DTS Virtual: X Sound Bar)

In our Yamaha YAS-207 review, we test this soundbar that offers good sound performance as well as DTS Virtual:X, a surround technology that creates a fully immersive surround experience from any source. And all this at a great price.


Samsung Q6FN (2018)Samsung Q6FN Review (2018 4K UHD QLED TV)

Check out our Samsung Q6FN review as we test the most affordable of the 2018 QLED series model that offers good overall image quality, great motion performance and low input lag as well as a lot of streaming and smart home apps.


Marantz NR1608Marantz NR1608 Review (7.2 4K UHD Receiver)

In our Marantz NR1608 review we test this slim line AV receiver that supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X as well as having a wealth of features and settings making this offering from Marantz look small in size but certainly not in capabilities.


Sony VPL-HW45ESSony VPL-HW45ES Review (1080p SXRD projector)

In this Sony VPL-HW45ES review we test this Full HD projector that offers great color reproduction, nice image clarity and low input lag in addition to a wealth of features and image processing systems and all these at a competitive price.


SAMSUNG UBD-M9500Samsung UBD-M9500 Review (2017 4K UHD Player)

Read our Samsung UBD-M9500 review where we test this 2017 4K UHD player, offering great image quality and plenty of features but with a few glaring omissions, that will make it battle it’s way into the middle tier segment.


Optoma GT1080DarbeeOptoma GT1080Darbee Review (1080p DLP projector)

In our Optoma GT1080Darbee review we test this gaming oriented projector that has nice image quality with enough brightness, good clarity and color reproduction while having some of the lowest input lag measured in a projector.


LG SK10YLG SK10Y Review (5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Sound Bar)

Take a look in our LG SK10Y review as we test the flagship sound bar of LG’s 2018 lineup. With enough power and Dolby Atmos support this monster sound bar can be the next best thing to a dedicated speakers setup.


LG UP970LG UP970 Review (2017 4K UHD player)

In our LG UP970 review we take a detailed look on LG’s first offering in the 4K UHD players segment. Offering great image quality and Dolby Vision support but with basic design and minimum features this player may not have the looks but definitely has the performance.


Sony X900F - XF90Sony X900F Review (XBR65X900F – 2018 4K UHD LCD TV)

Take a look at our Sony X900F review as we test this 2018 TV model offering great image quality, dazzling HDR and excellent motion performance, improving on all aspects of last year’s model.


Amazon Fire TV 2017Amazon Fire TV Review (2017 4K streaming player)

In our Amazon Fire TV review we test how this little 4K streamer offers a wide variety of streaming services, 4K with HDR and Dolby Atmos playback, good performance and Alexa integration all in a new stylish design.


Logitech Harmony 650Logitech Harmony 650 Review

In our Logitech Harmony 650 review we look into this budget friendly remote and if it is worthy to replace your small flock of home remotes. Ease of use and practicality in a very good price.


Yamaha RX-A3070Yamaha RX-A3070 Review (9.2CH 2017 4K AV Receiver)

In this Yamaha RX-A3070 review we bring this flagship AV receiver to it’s limits to see if it is worthy of it’s name being one of the best receivers of the year 2017 offering reference sound quality and a huge amount of features.



In our LG OLED55C7P review we test one of the best TVs of 2017 with amazing pure black levels, incredible HDR and lifelike colors all packed in a slick and modern design with a price that will be hard to pass.


Yamaha RX-V683Yamaha RX-V683 Review (7.2 CH 2017 4K AV Receiver)

In our Yamaha RX-V683 review we test this mid-priced AV receiver with great audio performance and enough features to create a basic home cinema setup that will take advantage of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X tracks.


LG 65SK8000LG SK8000 Review (2018 4K SUPER UHD TV)

In our LG SK8000 review we see why this TV offers a good overall viewing experience with average image quality, low input lag and good motion handling and can cover all your basic needs at a normal price.


Roku Ultra 2017Roku Ultra Review (2017 4K streaming player)

Check our Roku Ultra review to find out why this streaming player is one of the most feature complete devices offering a breathtaking amount of streaming services and apps in a very good price.


SAMSUNG Q7F 2018Samsung Q7F Review (2018 4K UHD QLED TV)

Check out our Samsung Q7F review to find out how this TV offers amazing image quality and HDR, deep blacks and great motion at a very competitive price. Premium has just become affordable.


SVS SB-2000SVS SB-2000 Review (500 Watts Subwoofer)

In our SVS SB-2000 review we check how such a small subwoofer can have so much punch, precision and acoustic clarity in such an affordable price compared to some other bigger models.


SAMSUNG MU7000Samsung MU7000 Review (4K UHD TV)

In our Samsung MU7000 review we check why this TV offers some good 4K HDR viewing with decent brightness and solid black levels without the need to spend a huge amount of money.


Denon AVR-X4400HDenon AVR-X4400H Review (9.2 CH 4K UHD Receiver)

Take a peek in our Denon AVR-X4400H review to find out why this 9.2 channels AV receiver offers more than you will ever need in audio quality and features and is the perfect addition for any home theater system.



If you want one of the best overall LCD TVs for 2018 then check our Samsung Q9FN review to find out why this 4K UHD QLED TV offers some of the most breathtaking HDR you can find on a TV to date.


EPSON Home Cinema 4000Epson Home Cinema 4000 Review (4K LCD Projector)

In our Epson Home Cinema 4000 review we analyze how Epson fitted this projector with features like 4K, HDR, Wide Color Gamut and motorized lens all at a price you will find only in more expensive offerings.


SAMSUNG UN55MU8000Samsung MU8000 Review (4K Premium UHD TV)

If you want a 4K TV with HDR that can offer good image performance but your budget does not allow to jump on the premium lineup then the Samsung MU8000 is your best bet.


Marantz SR6012Marantz SR6012 Review (9.2 4K UHD Receiver)

The SR6012 is one of the best but also affordable 9.2 Channels receivers with unmatched sound quality and amount of options and ports. And with an external amp you get the most affordable 11.2 channel receiver in the market today.


Sony UBP-X700Sony UBP-X700 Review (4K UHD player)

If you want an UHD player with top picture performance, spectacular audio and breathtaking HDR without breaking the bank then the Sony UBP-X700 is the one to look for. 4K UHD just became more affordable.


Logitech Harmony EliteLogitech Harmony Elite Review

Are you tired of messing around with all your AV system remotes? Logitech can solve all your problems by offering a remote not only for all your home entertainment center equipment but for all your smart home devices also.


Sony A8FSony A8F Review (4K UHD OLED TV)

Sony’s A8F breathtaking image quality makes it one of the best TVs for 2018 and will definitely satisfy even the most demanding viewers. 4K UHD and HDR never looked any better.


YAMAHA RX-A2070YAMAHA RX-A2070 Review (9.2 CH 4K UHD Receiver)

Yamaha offers some of the best a/v receivers with their AVENTAGE lineup and with the RX-A2070 you get unmatched quality and a plethora of features and options that will leave even the most demanding happy.


Klipsch 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos Speaker SetHome Cinema Speakers Review (Klipsch 7.1.2 speaker set)

You want to create a top of the line home cinema system? These speakers from Klipsch is what you are looking for as they offer the clarity, quality and power that Klipsch is so famous for in order to feed all your home entertainment needs.


Optoma UHD60 Review (4K DLP Projector)

You want a projector with 4K resolution and HDR capabilities but with an affordable price? This was a dream until Optoma brought UHD60 to the game. Enjoy the future now…


OPPO UDP-203 Review (4K UHD Blu ray Player)

Oppo brings it’s UHD player and with it raises the bar as far as video and audio quality is concerned. Is this the new king in the 4K UHD arena?


LG OLED55B7V Review (4K UHD TV with HDR)

If you want to have the best viewing experience this OLED TV from LG is for you. Spectacular colors, breath taking HDR and the purest blacks you could ever see on a TV. Are you ready to be immersed?


Sony UBP-X800 Review (4K UHD Blu ray Player)

Sony offers us a budget friendly 4K UHD Blu ray player with great video and audio quality and enough ports and features to enjoy the magic of the new formats at a low price. 4K UHD could not be more affordable than this.


Sony STR-DN1080 Review (7.2 CH 4K UHD Receiver)

You want a 5.1.2 receiver that offers 4K UHD pass-through with HDR, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X at a reasonable price? Then the Sony STR-DN1080 is definitely one to consider as it offers all the above and more.


LG 55UJ6300 4K UHD TV Review

You want to taste the new UHD format and HDR but you are tight on budget for a new TV? Then look no further as the UJ6300 offers you 4K viewing with HDR at an affordable price.


Panasonic DMP-UB900 4K UHD Blu ray player Review

If you are looking into buying a new 4K UHD blu ray player we are reviewing the UB900, one of the best players right now in the market. Take your home entertainment center into new heights as it offers everything you would ever need and more.


Onkyo SKSHT588 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Speakers Review

New 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos ready speaker setup to enter the next generation of audio formats.


Denon AVR-S930H Review

You are looking for a new AV receiver for your new entertainment center? Look no further as the new Denon AVR-S930H offers everything you need and more.