Apple TV: What You Need to Know About Apple’s Streaming Video Service

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Streaming media can be considered an important part of the information revolution that has taken place over the past two decades. The history of the development of media content streaming systems begins around 2006 when the Amazon Prime Video service was launched. In less than a year, Netflix launched its own streaming media platform.

Of course, we are talking about streaming media content in the form we are familiar with today. In the general case, the history of streaming goes back to the early 1970s, when research laboratories in the United States first demonstrated streaming audio technology.

Apple TV is one of the popular streaming services today. It presents a wide selection of content to watch. However, not everyone is able to enjoy it, as access to Apple TV is often closed due to geo-blocking. Fortunately, Apple TV VPN can solve the problem.  VPN apps make the user anonymous on the global network and open access to any website. Read this article about the Apple TV streaming video service in more detail.

What Is Streaming Media and What Are Its Benefits?

Streaming media is a way of transferring data from the provider to the end user, during which the content is located on a remote server and does not require downloading or installation to play it on the device. It turns out something similar to television and radio broadcasting, but with greater possibilities. The user is now independent of the broadcast time. At the same time, the coverage of content is hundreds or even thousands of times wider.

The main advantages of streaming media content:

  • Streaming is currently playing. Streaming content starts playing almost instantly, no matter how large the visual or audio content is. The user does not need to wait until it is fully loaded;
  • Streaming requires no storage space. You don’t need a large hard drive to download the content you want to watch;
  • Most streaming apps let you choose what you want. And this means you don’t have to stick to a TV or radio schedule;
  • The so-called “multi-screen” or the ability to enjoy content from different devices: computer, phone, tablet, game console, etc.;
  • Protection against piracy. Allowing website visitors to download video or audio makes piracy much easier.
Apple TV: What You Need to Know About Apple's Streaming Video Service

General Characteristics of the Apple TV Video Streaming Service

The Apple TV service has original content and offers a wide selection of series and entertainment programs to watch. You can get access to the full functionality after downloading the original Apple TV program from the App Store. You can also install the software through the official website Owners of the following devices can enjoy all the advantages of an online cinema:

  • iPhone of different versions;
  • iPad;
  • Apple TV with HD quality;
  • Apple TV 4K;
  • Third-generation Apple TV;
  • Mac;
  • iPod Touch.

Apple TV can also be launched through products that are not manufactured by the American brand – South Korean smart TVs from the 2019 line and some gadgets of 2018. You can check the full list of compatible devices on Apple’s official website.

Apple TV: What You Need to Know About Apple's Streaming Video Service

Apple TV Subscription Price

The subscription price for Apple TV is $4.99. This is quite profitable considering the fact that other streaming services cost much more. For example, the price of Netflix is almost twice as much – $8.

By paying less than five US dollars for Apple TV, you get a family subscription for six people. You can watch entertainment movies and different shows, download series, and enjoy other content even when you do not have access to the Internet. VPN for Apple TV will help open access to content if it turns out to be blocked in your location. In addition, VeePN will reliably protect you from any Internet threats.

List of Most Popular Apple TV Movies

The most popular Apple TV movies include the following:

  1. See. This is a science fiction series from Apple TV. The events of the show take place in the distant future, where due to an unknown disease, humanity has lost its sight and started to live a primitive life, guided only by instincts;
  2. Morning show. The series tells about the difficult life of the presenters of popular TV and radio shows. While watching, viewers can see all the secrets of such cheerful shows, plunge into a real abyss of excessive ambitions, self-centeredness, unwillingness to put up with the needs and aspirations of others;
  3. For all mankind. A dramatic series with elements of fiction, which tells an alternative version of the development of human society. This became possible when the two largest countries began to fight for the lead in space exploration. To be more precise, we are talking about landing on the moon;
  4. Dickinson. This is a fascinating historical and biographical series about a rebellious girl who defied the conservative rules of the American outback and managed to become one of the outstanding poets of her time. The plot reveals the life story of the young writer Emily Dickinson, especially those milestones that had the greatest impact on her development as a person and a writer;
  5. Ghostwriter. This is a fantasy adventure series about four teenagers. They notice that there is a ghost in the local library. A guest from the underworld tries to establish contact with children using a typewriter and sending various messages. Teenagers have a difficult mission – to save civilization from the threat of invasion of terrible creatures from the other world.
Apple TV: What You Need to Know About Apple's Streaming Video Service

Additional Features of Apple TV

The Apple TV user gets not only the opportunity to watch original films and series. Through the program, you can use the standard Apple iTunes Festival services, watch trailers, listen to the radio, play music compositions through iCloud cloud storage, etc.

Therefore, the features of Apple TV are quite diverse. Access the streaming service using a VeePN and enjoy interesting content. A VPN for Apple TV will provide secure watching at any convenient time.

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