LG’s webOS 23 released for specific 2022 LG TVs

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It seems that LG’s webOS 23 released for specific 2022 LG TVs including the CS, C2 and G2 OLED, offering a revamped user interface and additional features.

We have seen reports in various online platforms, suggesting that LG TV users across different global regions, such as North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, are starting to receive notifications prompting them to update their firmware from webOS 22 to webOS 23. LG assures that this rollout is gradual. So if you haven’t seen a notification yet just be patient. It may take some days for it to become available across all markets.

LG's webOS released for specific 2022 LG TVs | Home Media Entertainment

The webOS 23 firmware version 13.30.55 is presently being distributed to OLED models CS, C2, and G2 only. The newer OS presents users with an updated home screen featuring advertisements and a range of other enhancements as outlined in LG’s release notes. Improvements include a refreshed home interface, enhanced functionalities for services like Music, Gaming, and Home Office, convenient access to settings, helpful tips, and performance stability along with reinforced security measures.

LG also mentioned that the webOS 23 update will extend to the 2022 8K OLED and 8K LCD models. What seems to be missing from their announcement are the A2 and B2 models so we cannot say for sure if the latest OS will be released for those models also.

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